Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No, you do not require a doctor’s referral to see a speech language pathologist.

Do I need to bring my child to your office?
We offer a variety of different service delivery options. We provide assessment and treatment via tele-practice to individuals in Ontario and Quebec which does not require you to leave the comfort of your own home.  In Toronto, we provide home-based services as well as daycare and school visits. The in-home setting is familiar and comfortable for your child, and convenient for the whole family. In Montreal, we offer daycare and school visits as well as clinic visits.

Does my child need to see a speech-language pathologist?
If you have any concerns about your child’s speech and/or language, it is best to seek out the advice of a professional.

At what age should my child be speaking?
The age and rate at which a child begins speaking can vary greatly. By 18 months, many children have approximately 25 words, can understand simple instructions (i.e., “go get your bear”) and can respond to simple WH-questions (i.e., “what’s your name?” or “where is the ball?”). By age 2, a child typically has 100 words and is beginning to combine 2 words together. By age 3, a child should be linking words together, asking WH-questions, following multi-step instructions, and be easily understood by others.

Will my child “out-grow” their speech and/or language impairment?
While some children may overcome their communication difficulties without intervention, it is not recommended to wait. If you have any concerns at all regarding your child’s speech and/or language, it is important to seek the opinion of a speech language pathologist. If there is a concern, then you will have already started the process of early identification and treatment. If there is no concern, then you can continue to monitor the development of your child without worry.

What kind of payments do you accept?
Payments must be made via e-transfer to payment@speakableslp.com upon receipt of the invoice. Please be aware that we are unable to bill our services to your extended health plans directly.

Do you work with adults?
We currently work with adults with voice disorders, adults who wish to correct their speech sounds or adults adults with aphasia.

Can you see my child at their school/daycare?
There is an option of seeing your child at their school or daycare provided the administration allows external clinicians to enter and work in their space. Please discuss this possibility with your speech language pathologist.

Is there any funding available or are you covered by OHIP?
No, unfortunately services provided at SpeakAble Speech Therapy are not covered by OHIP, however, there are charities that provide financial assistance to qualifying families.