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SpeakAble Speech & Language


Correcting speech sounds and improving pronunciation and overall clarity


Building expressive and receptive skills in order to better understand language and express it in a meanginful way

Social Skills

Promoting verbal and non-verbal social pragmartic skills to facilitate social interactions

oral motor

Increasing functioning of the muscles and articulators necessary for speech


Providing strategies for smoothness of connected speech for those who stutter


Providing interactive and engaging assessment, treatment and consultation for your child through a secure video conferencing platform

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Where the SpeakAble team shares info about milestones, insights and practical advice

Tele-practice can boost in-person treatment, during the pandemic and beyond

Our routines have changed drastically in light of the currently global pandemic. While many types of services are not feasible...

Web-based tele-practice will help keep children on track

Web-based tele-practice will help keep children on track

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SpeakAble Protocols for Pandemic COVID-19

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Vocal Hygiene: keeping your larynx healthy

Vocal Hygiene: keeping your larynx healthy

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